Do you provide equipment?

Yes, pickers, gloves and bags but if you can please bring your own reusable sturdy bag or bucket, so we can cut back on the number of plastic bags we give out.

Do I need to register?

It's very helpful if you can register here (for Eastney cleans) or here (for Southsea cleans) or so that we can let you know if there are any changes or cancellations.

What happens at the clean?

If you're there in the first half hour, you'll be asked if you'd like to carry out the survey or if you would prefer just to do the clean this time. One of the team will give you gloves, a litter picker and a bag, check that you understand the health & safety advice and answer any questions you may have. Then you get cleaning!

You took some photos at the clean, where can I see them?

Check out the photos of the cleans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our website.

I can't make it for 10am, can I come a bit later?

Yes, you're very welcome to join in between 10 and 11:15 just bear in mind that the bags are collected at 12.

Can you come and talk at my school/ workplace about reducing single-use plastic and cutting its carbon footprint?

Yes, we can arrange for someone from the Marine Conservation Society to come and give talks.

How can I do more to help the seas?

There are lots of ways you can help our seas including picking up some rubbish every time you visit and join the beach #2minutebeachclean movement! Check out https://www.mcsuk.org/how-you-can-help/ for more ideas.

I'd like to clean up my local park, can I borrow some pickers?

Portsmouth City Council's neighbourhoods department lends litter kits - pickers, gloves and bags just call 023 9268 8444

How often do you arrange cleans?

The first Saturday of every month (except in September when it's on the third Saturday).

How do I do the survey?

One of the team will accompany you to the survey area and give you a clipboard, pencil and a survey form where you can record every bit of litter you find in that area.

What happens with the information collated in the surveys?

By finding out where the litter comes from on UK beaches the Marine Conservation Society can run targeted litter campaigns to influence policy makers and change peoples’ behaviour to try to stop it getting there in the first place.

How do we stop litter from reaching our beaches in the first place?

The Marine Conservation Society uses the data from the litter surveys taken from over 400 beaches in the UK to :

=> Talk to water companies when we see lots of sewage-related debris being recorded.

=> Give decision-makers evidence that our seas are in trouble by showing them over 25 years of litter data.

=> Talk to companies whose logos keep showing up on beaches and work with manufacturers to find solutions.

For all this, the data that you collect in the litter surveys is essential.

I don't live in Portsmouth. How do I find out about beach cleans in my home town?

Find out where your nearest MCS beach clean is https://www.mcsuk.org/beachwatch/events If there isn't one near you, consider becoming a Beach Guardian and set up your own Beachwatch group. The MCS will give you lots of support.

How do I get to the meeting point at Eastney?

We meet on the promenade near the Coffee Cup PO4 9GE.

The nearest bus stop is at the Eastney Health Centre, Highland Road, Southsea. It's a 15 minute bus journey on the No.1 or 2 from town centre (near the Portsmouth & Southsea Railway Station).

Then it's an 8 minute walk down Adair Road then St George's Road. Turn left and go over the zebra crossing to where we are.

How do I get to the meeting point at Southsea?

We meet on the promenade behind the Rock Gardens (very close to the Pyramids).

The nearest bus stop is the Strand, Clarendon Road, Southsea. From town centre (near the Portsmouth & Southsea Railway Station), take the No.3 First Bus from stop G, Edinburgh Road.

Then it's a 10 minute walk to the seafront.

I am not around on Saturdays but I really want to help clean the beach. What can I do?

Why not head down to the beach with a bag/bucket and some gloves and do your own mini beach clean!