How to Get Involved

We aim to hold cleans and surveys on the first Saturday of every month 10-12 noon.  The dates that have been confirmed are shown below.   It's helpful if you can click on them to register so that you can contact us if you have questions and we can let you know if the clean has to be cancelled. 


If you can't make it for 10am, feel free to join us any time before 11:15 as Colas collects the rubbish at 12:00.

No upcoming events at the moment

We'd like to reduce the number of bags we use, so if you want to, bring a bucket/ reusable sturdy bag and at the end we'll empty it into our white bags.


Please note that dogs are allowed on the beach between October - May, so please bring your lovely dogs along to help out! (Dogs under control at all times - you remain responsible for their behaviour).

A bit of Health & Safety 

  • Always use gloves or pickers to pick up rubbish or any washed up animals.

  • Walk around the pier rather than under it.

  • Ask a coordinator to pick up any needles for you (it's rare that we find any).

  • Cover up any dog poo with stones rather than try to pick it up.

  • Avoid the big rocks by the Pyramids as they may be slippery.

  • Go around the pier, not under it.

  • Mind the water's edge.

  • Be careful if you put anything sharp in the bag as they're thin (we don't want any legs to be scratched) and let us know if you put them in your bag.

  • Don't put your hands in the bag once you've started putting rubbish in.

  • Wear sturdy shoes (no open-toe sandals)

If you have any questions please contact us.

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