We are Southsea Beachwatch.

 Here is a bit about what we do and why: 

Our oceans and marine ecosystems are under threat from litter, particularly plastic, because it doesn't degrade.  Every year litter causes the death of millions of animals through ingestion, entanglement or poisoning.  This is why it is so important to keep our beaches clean! 


We organise monthly beach cleans and litter surveys which provide vital data to help influence government policy.

We are a small team who is passionate about the environment and our oceans - which is why we want to keep them clean.


We organise monthly beach cleans and surveys on Southsea and Eastney beaches in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Our cleans are part of the Marine Conservation Society's national Beachwatch scheme; the UK's biggest beach clean and survey programme.  Information on the amount and sources of litter from over 400 beaches is analysed as part of an international effort to influence governments' policies.

Every month, lots of amazing volunteers come to help us, and this important work would not be possible without them.  Not only are we all helping to protect marine ecosystems, we are helping to build a conscious community and inspiring more people to care about the planet. 

If you are interested in joining in, check out our events page for information about upcoming beach cleans, and follow us on social media for updates and stories. 

See you on the beach! 

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The team at the Portsmouth Inspiring Volunteer Awards 2019!

Organised by Portsmouth Together and Pompey in the Community

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